Gaming Headlines: 1/22/10

Capcom & Tecmo game announcements and sountracks for those with ears. If you find any of these stories interesting, let me know what you think in our comments section

  1. Xbox Live will host a new game announcement from Capcom next week on the 26th. Any guesses of what it’ll be? (CVG)
  2. Dead or Alive Paradise will be hitting PSPs in the US this spring. The trailer is at the bottom of this post and spoils the surprise by letting me know the game will be cute and sexy. (Destructoid)
  3. You’re going to buy Yakuza 3, just to make me happy, so you might as well pre- order it from Gamestop, where they’ll give you a Challenge Pack for doing so. (Gamestop)
  4. Capcom thought about putting Samurai Pizza Cats and Speed Racer in Tatsunoku VS Capcom. (Siliconera)
  5. Masashi Hamauzu, composer of  and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII has left SQUARE-ENIX. (OSV)
  6. First bit of Assassins Creed 2 DLC will be hitting in January. (Destructoid)
  7. YouTube video capture is usually only in downloadable games on PS3, but Just Cause 2 will also feature it! (Destructoid)
  8. The official soundtrack for Dark Void will be released February 9th on (OSV)
  9. Save $20 on any eligible PS3 or 360 game, when you also purchase Mass Effect 2, or MAG at Toys R Us. (Toys R Us)
  10. Want to play as other PS3 exclusive game characters in Uncharted 2? You’ll be able to in the upcoming PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC. (PLAYSTATION Blog)


Watch the DOA girls’ paradise on YouTube.

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