Gaming Headlines: 1/26/10

Lots of Capcom news today! I have to imagine they have something for everyone this year. Fighting fans, co-op action and zombie killing mayhem, If you find any of these stories interesting, let me know what you think in our comments section

  1. Most games wish they had half the testosterone of Gears of War. Capcom is going the smart route by going direct to the muscle pumped source. Both Gears of War leads will be in Lost Planet 2! See the trailer below. (Xbox Live)
  2. The big announcement today on Xbox LIVE in Japan was that the previously PC only Monster Hunter Frontier will be emerging on the Xbox 360. No US or EU release was given however. (Xbox Live Japan)
  3. Capcom has put out release dates for two of their biggest titles this year. Super Street Fighter IV will be hitting April 27 and Lost Planet 2 will rise on May 18th. (Destructoid)
  4. I’m excited enough about this, that I thought it needed its own post. Capcom has also said that Dead Rising 2 will be coming out Fall 2010!!! (Xbox Live)
  5. Dead Rising will also see a movie adaptation in Japan. I’ve put the trailer at the bottom of this post. (magicbox)
  6. If an employee LinkedIn account is to be believed, EA Black Box may be working on an original 3rd-person action game.  (Superannuation)
  7. Speaking of EA, their upcoming Medal of Honor reboot will be one of the only games ever to feature two game engines in one title. The single player will use Unreal Engine, while the multiplayer will use DICE’s Frostbite engine.  (Shacknews)
  8. Nippon Ichi claims that their upcoming PSP game Ultimate Hero Modding Project can be replayed forty million times. Considering how long the typical NIS game is though, I bet you’d be dead before you had the chance. (Japanator)
  9. Valve fans have come together and signed a 25,000 gamer strong petition for Valve to make Counter Strike 2. (Destructoid)
  10. Ninety-Nine Nights dev is working on an MMO for Xbox 360. (Siliconera)
  11. Natsume is bringing the quirky title Squishy Tank to the US this March. (Siliconera)

Watch Gears of War & Lost Planet 2 collide!


See it on YouTube!

Dead Rising was based on zombie movies, now a zombie movie is based on it!


Watch them shuffle on YouTube!

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